Florida Days: Western Caribbean Cruise

Only a 4 night cruise and 3 days later I still feel like I’m rocking.  Which is odd because it was barely perceptible on board.  Maybe it’s the wobbly feeling of getting ready to up and leave, and still so much to do!  I’ll do an update soon on our moving progress.

It hit me as we were sailing in open water, that the next time I will be on a cruise it will be taking me away from the U.S. for a long time!  Yes, we will actually be leaving America on a boat!  I will be leaving my residency called U.S.A. for the first time ever, and that freaked me out a little.  Even though it was nice to relax on this cruise, I started thinking of the future, not only all that we have to get done before we leave, but also that looming of the unknown hanging in the distance.

But, I keep in mind that physiologically, anxiety and excitement are exactly the same.  The only difference between them is what we are thinking about it.  So I’m working on actively transforming any anxiety into excitement.  After all, it is a once in a lifetime kind of journey!

Have any of you had an uncertain life experience that made you both nervous and excited?  I’m curious to see how you thought of it then and how you think of it now.  Post in the comments!


2 thoughts on “Florida Days: Western Caribbean Cruise

  1. Well Meghan, as I read your words, it all kinda hits me too. I’ve been telling myself (and others) that you’re moving to Norway, you’re moving to Norway. And you ARE REALLY MOVING TO NORWAY!!! And as you say…..for a long time! I always thought I’d miss you like crazy, and I think it’s starting already. AND YOU HAVEN’T EVEN LEFT YET!! So good to know that I’ll be seeing you soon. And heck, you’ll be just “across the pond”. I may need some help with this…………:) 🙂

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