Goodbye USA, Hello Norway!

After a very round-about way of traveling, we finally made it to Norway!  We carried two large and very full suitcases each, a backpack and gym bag each, and jackets/purse what seemed like all over Europe!  The only thing stopping me from dumping it was the fact that these suitcases are literally all we have as we make our fresh start in another country.

From my Mom’s place in New Hampshire, to the train station in Boston, to New York City, in and out of cabs and a hotel, to the New York harbor onboard the Queen Mary 2, across the Atlantic ocean to Southampton, England, to another cab to London, to the train to France, to the rental car from France to Germany, onto the ferry that finally brought us safe and exhausted into Oslo, Norway.  I get tired just remembering it.

Why this odd and indirect way, you ask?  Well, we had thought to give ourselves a nice vacation together as we at the same time moved overseas.  I think now the words vacation and move overseas do not belong in the same sentence.  We spent more time ensuring we were on top of everything we needed and feeling sore from lugging our suitcases than really relaxing.  And because we were trying to save money now that we have no income, there’s really only so much darts and Yatzee a couple can play without getting bored.

Still, it was a pretty amazing experience I’m glad we had.  I mean, five countries in a day is pretty cool regardless.  If you think these 10 days ended our trip, think again.  My family met up with us the day after we arrived in Oslo to tour Norway with us before we get settled in.  Also, my mom was good enough to take our cats over for us on the plane, since we couldn’t afford buying them their very own cruise ticket for the Queen Mary 2.

Ha det! (Goodbye in Norwegian)


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