About this Blog

Hei!  I love how that’s the same in English and Norwegian.  Welcome to Norway Our Way, a space where I share my journey moving from America to Norway.  My husband, Ole comes along for the ride that is this blog because, well, without him none of this would exist!  He is from Norway, all his family is in Norway, and after coming to the U.S. for school (and an unexpected American wife) he’s ready to trade in daily sighs of disbelief about what passes for sanity in the U.S. for a much simpler way of life.  And what do I think of all this?  I moved from New Hampshire to Florida in 2010 to escape the cold – and now Norway??  

At first I wasn’t 100% convinced to leave behind the warmth and all that is familiar to me, including my family and job.  But after gazing at the amazing natural beauty from photos I had taken on vacation a few years back, I could see myself being happy there.  What’s life without a little adventure and uncertainty?  Not to mention the amazing benefits and living in a culture that values quality time more than working ungodly hours only to accumulate more and more stuff.

So I’ve been slowly learning Norwegian for the past 3 years – ok, really slowly – and went to the outlets to snatch up warm winter clothes.  We have 2 cats we’ve been trying to prepare for the long trip ahead because they’re part of the family, too!  Now come with us on our journey, from living it up in the sun before we leave, to downsizing all we own, to our old-fashioned voyage across the Atlantic, to acclimating to a different country and culture!  Ha det bra!