About Us

Hei!  I’m Meghan, and I decided to log our journey to Norway for friends and family to have a way to come along, and also because I wanted to experiment with blogging, vlogging, and putting myself out there.

I’m a Registered Dietitian, or at least that’s what I went to school for.  I’d been working as a Health Coach and Health and Wellness supervisor for 5 years when I up and quit to move to Norway.  I also started another website to start practicing my most recent passion, Eating Psychology Coaching.

I met my husband, Ole, in grad school for exercise physiology in Florida.  We were lab partners.  Before our first date we were very familiar with each others’ bodies.  We knew each others’ body fat percent and how much lactate was produced in our blood at high levels of exercise.  Very sexy.

We had both come to Florida escaping the winter (him from Norway, me from New Hampshire).  Really I was on some kind of existential journey to escape my own anxieties, but that’s a story for another time.  We found each other, and over the past 5 years have grown to realize that escape comes when you let go of it.  Not needing to escape to find peace is when peace finds you.

So here we are, letting go of most of our possessions, our stable jobs (he was a personal trainer at a country club), and the expectations of our linear culture.  It’s time to veer off the straight and narrow path for a while, maybe see some new sights, learn more about life and ourselves, and see where we end up!